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One volunteer at a time, one prayer at a time, and one generous donation at a time: American Reformation Church is formed for a time like this.

Our Vision

Our plan begins with the name: American Reformation Church. While our feet have yet to touch the ground, God's providence has united extraordinary people to forge a vibrant community of faith right here in sunny Melbourne, Florida.

But our vision extends further. We aim to reach past these city boundaries as salt and light to impact our state, nation, and world.

Our pastor, Rusty Thomas, with forty years of evangelical and abolitionist efforts has ignited several ministries, trained churches, and equipped many local groups in America and abroad. Now, his focus turns to Melbourne, FL.  to establish a church—a beacon of light, confronting the pressing issues of our time with a Biblical worldview.

We're not content with passive faith; it's time for action, and we invite you to be a driving force behind us.


Our Ministry

We are committed to mercy ministries, which feeds the poor, aids widows, orphans, and visits the prisoners. We are a church that is passionate about charitable deeds.


We extend our vision to provide homeschooling support that aligns with God's family-based educational approach, where parents are the primary proprietors of their children's development. 

As salt and light, we engage in politics as ambassadors of Jesus Christ, promoting righteousness and justice in the gates of our beleaguered land. We will encourage qualified men to run for public office to stem the tide of tyranny and anarchy running rampant in this generation.

Our evangelistic team spreads the Gospel on the streets, campuses, and abortion mills, while a missionary fund supports members on overseas outreaches. We also have fun -- through sports tournaments. Using sports, we disciple young men with the Gospel of the Kingdom.

A Church That Does What The Bible Says

We believe that biblical understanding comes with a cycle of learning, doing, and teaching. Our church's focus is on the "doing" part – guiding and empowering each worshiper to impact our world in a meaningful way.

Experience it for yourself - join us for prayer, worship, and timely messages every Sunday and Wednesday. Let's shape a future where faith isn't just spoken, but lived out with purpose and passion.

There are many ways you can join with what God is establishing in Melbourne, Florida. Your support matters more than ever.


We Aim To Raise $150,000

$150,000 marks the crucial starting point to start the American Reformation Church, Our faith in God's provision is unwavering, but we also recognize the willingness of many to support this Kingdom work. Your contributions will play a pivotal role in advancing ARC's mission. These funds are essential for securing a dedicated building, ensuring fair compensation for our committed staff, and propelling impactful evangelistic and political campaigns. With your partnership, we can amplify our efforts and make a lasting difference in our community and beyond.

This mission is much bigger than us and we know we can't do this alone, but with God's blessings and your help, we are confident we can raise $150,000. This is our humble invitation for you to be a vital contributor to this lifelong work.


Your donation will not only help create a physical home for our vision but will also fund the necessary resources to drive our mission forward. Together, we can equip every member to ignite godly change in our city, nation, and beyond.

To contribute or learn more, visit our About Us page or contact us at Thank you for being a part of this bold journey!


Pastor Rusty Thomas, American Reformation Church

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